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In my 1 year PGPM MBA course we have been taught a subject... Politics culture and Business i.e. 'Politics and Business' and on similar lines world till date has discussed the topics like 'Politics and Religion', 'Politics and International Relations', 'Politics and Society', 'Politics and Religion', 'Politics and Poetics', 'Politics and Vision', ''Politics and Technology', 'Politics and Governmente', 'Politics and Democracy' and the latest topic in discussion is -

'Politics and Internet'

'Politics and Internet' is the topic which is widely discussed in the recent 'Web 2.0' summit. Some experts say that in the recent USA election Internet has played the disruptive role whether some says that it has played the most important role... however both in the favour of the Mr New President. It has been said that Obama's Youtube spots gathered an aggregate of 14.5 million viewing hours. Obama's internet campaign is compared with the most famous televised debate between John F Kennedy and Richard M Nixon. The way Mr Obama used internet for campaign is unprecedented . This year internet has revolutionised the way campaign ways are innovated. “Were it not for the Internet, Barack Obama would not be president. Were it not for the Internet, Barack Obama would not have been the nominee,” said Arianna Huffington, editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post.

And Technology also supported the initiative with both the hands open... USA today built a special RIA (Rich Internet Application) to follow the Presisential Polls whereas BBC has a cool Flex application for the same.
Google came up with couple of analytical tools for speciall for the Election like tracking the polls you want, customised election coverage as you want... Some of the google gadets/analytics tool were :
Election 2008 Gadget
Election Tools for Educators
This site was designed for teachers, but it provides links to tools anyone can use. Teachers, parents, friends, and voters of all ages could learn a thing or two.
So the Internet and Politis going in collaborative fashion and it seems the best is yet to come... Couple of more people who posted on similar topics are as follows...


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