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Indian Railways Berth Numbering System - 1AC, 2AC, 3AC, Sleeper Class

Found this very informative and interesting pic depicting the Indian Railways Berth Numbering System - 1AC , 2AC, 3AC and Sleeper Class. Indian Railway site should take initiative and provide the snaps of all the classes on IRCTC site.

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Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali
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Wrong Assumptions from HR

Bob Sutton from Stanford during ‘Singapore Human Capital Summit – Sep 2009’ came up with the Top 10 list of wrong expectations people and organizations keep from HR. Please click here for the complete blog post. Below is Bob Sutton’s Top 10 List Flawed, Suspect, and Incomplete Assumptions about Managing People1. HR ought to be all about spotting, hiring, and breeding individual talent (HR could pack a bigger wallop by focusing on teams and networks more). 2. HR should focus on finding, hiring, and developing the very best people (Bad is stronger than good – about 5 times stronger -- so screening-out, reforming, expelling the very worst people is more crucial to collective performance).3. Find some great superstars and pay them whatever is necessary to keep them happy… and certainly a lot more than everyone else (The best organizations pay higher than competitors, but have more compressed pay).4. Competition makes people, teams, and companies stronger (Unless people and teams ar…