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The Victims of Desire by Ram Mishra

I happen to return to my blog after a long time but this is more for a good friend Ram who has achieved a remarkable milestone in life. Today he became an integral part of very rich and eminent club by penning his imagination into a wonderful book - The Victims of Desire.

The book is available @

Happy Reading :)

A man’s desires are like ripples on water, they never cease to enlarge.
In the year 1808, a precious 280 carat diamond gets stolen from an ancient Kali temple in Rajasthan, India. Two Hundred years later, in the year 2008, the diamond resurfaces in Australia. The Diamond is presently worth a staggering Ten Million Dollars. It is currently owned by a cunning millionaire, Alexander Fox, the powerful owner of Fox Ammunitions Inc, one of the biggest weapons manufacturing company in Australia.

Fox has kept the diamond in his ancestral mansion in Dubbo, Australia, where the diamond lies in a safety vault placed inside a secret undergr…