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BLack Friday Sale

Almost everyone in USA and across the world are having eyes set on 2010 Black Friday Sale. The BIG and HUGE sale where rates will be slashed for never before. Some of the best Black Friday sites offering the Best of Best prices and campaigns and links and ADS.
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Happy e-Shopping

Startup business cycle - Flowchart


Topmost Brands Love BLUE !!!

I am more than happy as this is India's color for all Sports event as well and my favorite color as well.

The Most Powerful Colors in the World [infographic]

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Team Party @ Residency Tower, Chennai (29th June '10)

It was team party time and specially when big shots from on-site are around you just don't have to worry about anything. Just chill, relax and Enjoy !!!

Naveen our own Sr Architech from onsite is in India for few days and thrown a grand gala party at Hotel Residency...

Though we have four options to select from the inhouse Resturants at Residency we selected the one called as "Main Street"- A bustling round the clock restaurant serving ala-carte & sumptuous buffets…. and dinner.

Reason being...
interiors - pedestrian crossing, Victorian street lights serve Oriental & Indian delicacies interactive kitchenthey arrange for big screen sporting football matchesthey serve till 3 am... (i planned to watch the complete Spain Portugal match and then only start however some people deferred from the idea :)We opted for Buffet >>>

We waited in lobby for around 1/2 an hour to get the place for 11 people.

You can find all the snapshere. Please furnish snaps with a…

Life is Like Cricket... Stanford School of Business... lecture on Top 10 Life Lessons'

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American Beauty director - Sam Mendes directed iPhone 4 ad for Video Conferencing capabilities

How market really works!!!