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One month of Marriage and Wedding Snaps

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that we have completed one long month of marriage. The Wedding ceremony went well. Followed by 10 days of pilgrimage (Tirupati) + honeymoon(Kodaikanal) tour to Southern part of India. Which was followed by 5 day stay at hometown where we were shuttling between the relative’s places and constantly working in following three shifts either for :BreakfastLunch orDinner
Some family friends have booked our slots even before the beginning of wedding ceremony events. That is a different fact that I (i mean we) have successfully managed stay at my in laws, a movie and visit to couple of wedding ceremonies as well.All in all it was very hectic and I have gained almost 5 kgs in all the above process:D Indian Wedding ceremony don’t get finish after the wedding day but they lasts for the entire year. I got this (not so) happy realization when my parents and in-laws told me that for every big festival we will have to visit both the homes positively. And being…

Very interesting Stuff >>> Best Rube Goldberg Ever

If you know know Rube Goldberg then you must be knowing how interesting stuff it is…Rube Goldberg – In 1931 theMerriam–Websterdictionary adopted the word "Rube Goldberg" as an adjective defined as accomplishing something simple through complex means. And many peopl do get Orgasmic pleasure in doing simple things in compled way ;-)Searched and found that this is really cool stuff. Rube Goldberg on Wikipedia.Found some interesting Videos as well. One of the best is as follows:

Got into this thru IIT Kanpur’s Technical Festival event Techkriti'10. You can find other details of the event at Naidu

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