Top 10 Live blogs for Apple’s iPhone 6 launch event

As we all are gearing up for Apple’s tentative iPhone 6 launch event, following is the handy list of best live blogs to help you with live updates…

Apple Store Michigan Ave - by user Dweider on Wikipedia.
"Apple store Michigan Ave" by User Dweider on Wikipedia. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Apple’s Official Livestream -

Live blogs:
1)    GigaOM -


Neo !! said…
This helps , thanks much ��
P Murlidhar said…
Thank you Neo... How is your Zion doing ?!?
benilhalk said…
This is such a great post! Thanks dear for this list. Well I am looking for some references for a good event planning firm for arranging my international corporate events that are going to be held in Mexico. Please help friends!
Harsh Sharma said…
Apple iPhones are standard in smartphone market today.

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