Push or Pull – you have to be Remarkable !!!

While watching old but famous hindi movie “Coolie” today I came across a scene where one of the hero (Rishi Kapoor) go for journalist’s interview and owner of newspaper tell him to write something like this so that all the copies will be sold before they get printed

Lol !!! this sentence “… so that all the copies will be sold before they get printed” reminded me of Marketing class where Dr Sriram talked about a concept to sell the goods even before they get manufactured… Initially I thought how can this be achieved – to sell something before it even exists. As per study this mostly happened with Cash Cows and Star series of the product lines… Well this happens at lot of places now a days…

You stand in queue and order something at Mc Donalda or Pizza Hut, you pay for it and voila – seller achieved it – they sold you something which is not yet ready…

Now if you are thinking FMCG is something different then think about that iPhone you ordered just on launch day, what about movie ticket you bought online and not to forget the recent flat you may have bought – may be around 2 years prior to possession, the MBA admission where you pay your fees at start of your course, and then so many instances u will remember where you actually paid even before that product is manufactured.

Its all about Pull or Push or Pull of Push and Push of Pull - as you are already aware as these are established teams – Push Pull Marketing Strategy…

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We as consumer want Push Marketing products and Seller will always want Pull Marketing products. I think a successful marketer will have to have a fine blend of both and ofcourse line of products as well to support the strategy. Pull marketing is also about targeting customers who haven’t yet tried the product. So first experience of the customers pulled to your product also matters a lot whether they will result into repeat business.

And as Seth Godin has said in his famous book on Purple Cow - "Today, the one sure way to fail is to be boring. Your one chance for success is to be remarkable" - dont forget to be remarkable in the entire journey !!!


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