Very interesting Stuff >>> Best Rube Goldberg Ever

If you know know Rube Goldberg then you must be knowing how interesting stuff it is…

Rube Goldberg – In 1931 the Merriam–Webster dictionary adopted the word "Rube Goldberg" as an adjective defined as accomplishing something simple through complex means. And many peopl do get Orgasmic pleasure in doing simple things in compled way ;-)

Searched and found that this is really cool stuff. Rube Goldberg on Wikipedia.

Found some interesting Videos as well. One of the best is as follows:

Got into this thru IIT Kanpur’s Technical Festival event Techkriti'10. You can find other details of the event at


Murlidhar Naidu


spicey99girl said…
dis shyy ish bowin ash hell A hole x3

Wicked Dani
spicey99girl said…
...dude im in tec class at school and it saved! this shit ish coool!

...well just the coments thingy not the rubey goldy dude stuff its still boering xD

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