Happy New Year 2009

My small Poem to wish you all a very very Happy New Year...


A new beginning...


One more Opportunity,

To confirm our affirmity 


To prove ur mettle

To win ur battle


To say 'We can do it'

To Learn 'how to prove it'


To think and introspect

To decisively retrospect


To start something NEW

Which is done by FEW


To reach Zenith

To dissolve myth


Life is full of  Joy

And we are here to Enjoy


Tooo naye saal mein lagao full jore

kyunki dil always maange more...


Take Care

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BILLZ said…
good debut in new year .
As for reality check,C-7 will be testimony to that
P Murlidhar said…
Thank you very much Ashish Bhai...
Haneet said…
Murli sir!!! ek dam mast hai......
I mean:

I did not expect that
but you have delivered that

it seems very difficult
but u belong to that cult

we are in times that are rough
but will show that we are tough

we wish u with hope and health
for thats the only true wealth

we wish that u keep it up
and go in life up and up and up
P Murlidhar said…

Answer of Poem thru a poem...
and if we consider it as continuation of our scoring venture (remember Merger and Acqusition class) then i will say -

me : Haneet - 1 : 100
for this poem...

Thank you very much sirji...
Maddy said…
good one Murli bhai... its an opportunity with far greater challenges.. 'We can do it!!'
ancientmariner said…
waah guru..kavita bhi likne lage..
P Murlidhar said…
Thank you very much mae.

kambakht MBA ne shayar bana diya... :D

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