Stand Up and Be counted... Against Terrorism...

Prof T N Swaminathan forwarded this to me today morning...

At least 195 reasons to be angry, upset and concerned this time. More, if you count the wounded too.

Last week's terror strikes on Mumbai left all humanity shocked and stunned. Pained we all surely are, but we must not allow ourselves to become numbed. Each of us needs to wake up from our comatose states to make our individual and collective opinion count. The only way to address this crucial and distressing issue is by becoming a part of the solution. After all, as long as India is 'of the people, for the people, by the people' we will be fully responsible for the change that we want to see in her.

However, this is not a problem restricted to any one particular city or state. One doesn't have to be a resident of Mumbai to be appalled at the ghastly and murderous acts. If you have witnessed any emotion while you the saw Mumbai burn on your TV screens, then the only way to express it is by taking action for Change.

India will come together to give expression to the anger and anguish on Wednesday, 3rd December, 2008, at 6:00 pm. The venues are as follows:

- Mumbai at the Gateway of India

- Delhi will meet at the Central Park, Connaught Place

- Hyderabad is meeting at Tank Bund, Telugutalli

- Chennai will meet at Opposite Government Guest House, Behind M.A. Chidambaram Cricket Stadium

- Bangalore at Cubbon Park

- Kolkata at the Maidan

Indians have great resilience, but please don't let the recent pain become distant just yet; don't let the memory fade too soon. Capture your emotion and come to the venue with your form of expression. Showcase it at the venue through a painting, elegy, song, poster, a lit candle, or by just holding hands.

Take a little extra effort bring those that you care about. Let us become the beginning of Change for India. And, let us start by making a personal commitment for this Change.

Please forward this mail to as many people as you know and show you care. Come to the venue with those you know.


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