BarCamp Chennai... All geared up for BCC2 next week...

Preparation BarCamp Chennai 2… i.e. BCC2 has been kicked on and today I attended the Organizers meet. The BCC2 is coming up with big names this time with the sponsorships from CTS and CSS, the top of the top organizations in IT. The only dilemma for some is that the first day is overlapping with Google Developer Day, Banglore. The site has already been setup and the preparations are all at the verge of completion. The venue is fixed… participants have confirmed… vendors approached and business discussed with all the one associated with BCC2. The core team is working real hard to make it Big on D-Day. Following is the link for the BarCamp Chennai Website (wiki basically) to know the further details:

The Google Group has also been setup for the discussion and decisions for the like minded people and janata opposing them… Great minds are colliding at the Google Group dedicated to BCC2 :). To volunteer or keep track of event discussions join the Barcamp Chennai mailing list

All the techies and non techies, geeks, wannabe geeks and non geeks & knowledge seekers are all invited to the Great event... Register soon...


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