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Adventures of Tintin - The rejuvenating session i had after i plotted the pdf copies of TinTin and the very moment sat down to copy and reading the pdf as well. In between the lectures I even finished one of the book as well... 'The Calculas Affair'. It reminded me of those old golden days when TinTin and Asterix were mostly read during vacation days. I still remember these were one of the costliest comics. Back to grandmas palce in local library they used to charge twice/thrice to lend these comics... may be to meet their breakeven sooner.

Why comics reading was always rejuvenating and refreshing... i think they are made that way only... The best thing is after going for so many places and meeting quite a no. of people when I am reading comics, apart from the usual fun stuff I can see the way the author maintains the connect. For example if we are reading TinTin, you can also see the French connection in the background and people around. In fact the extra funny characters which are included just like that always come with the distinguished characteris which author deliberately wanna portray. The other day Anantha, my project guide was telling me that in IIM they used to do the track of what type of magazines/book are issued from the library in what season and as a part of study they found out that comics are issued throughout the year and the consumption touch the sky high in the exam days... So I think we can say that comics is read in colleges more... and at the same time mostly in B-Schools :)...

Other day I found out the article telling how comics can make you better writer -

Comics apart from a good time pass, are the source of the knowledge as well. U come to know about the others culture in better fashion as compared to watching the movies. In/After B-Schools you get the new perspecitve of doing the things and the thought process definitely modify after doing a business program. Same is happening with me as well. The different perspecitve and thought process goes when we read the comics now a days. Long live Comics and all the characters...

To read more about the Tin Tin Follow the following Wiki link :
The Adventures of Tintin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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