Trendz Setting and Unsetting…

Today I broke all my trends I set or developed in the tenure of last few weeks. So this Friday was trend breaking day for me. I went to office in time… Actually I caught the bus in time, as I left my bike at office on the previous day (so no option) Everything in time… Right from Lunch, Work, Meetings, Code Deliveries even returning to home, then meeting my friend and then again sleeping at night with some resolutions for next day... Everything was done perfectly and in time. It feels gr8 to have such fun-tastic day time bound day.

And next day was even surprising. I got up at 6.00 am in the morning (I still cant believe it). I went on morning walk and small trek near my home with my friend. So everything was going ideal. But I was not knowing that this so called " " ideal thing will come to end shortly. While coming down I noticed that left leg's knee was paining lil bit and realised that from last 13-14 months I haven’t went on major trek or walk spree. After some more time by the time I was almost at the starting point I noticed that nah... something majorly wrong with this knee. I took no time to recollect that this leg suffered a lot during my last accident on bike. Thought left let was not directly involved but as injury was on right leg, and due to all that limping this leg started behaving differently. It survived some 2 more lil accidents after that first accident but lil bit injuries were there. I thought all these is coming collectively and effectively and its time to see some expert in Ortho. Ortho expert said nothing to worry, just have these medicines and do come next week but ya no treks and jogging. What else a laxy guy like me needed, now i got doc's approval for not jogging...

Neway there is end to everything and my so called ideals hours came to end just in one day. Next day again the same routine followed as I got up at 11.00 am as I enjoyed Godfather DVD a night before :)

Life goes on but ya that one day getting up at 6.00 has proved that
> I can get up early
> I can go for walk/jog
> Its not easy to achieve ideal things...

Life is b..e..a..utiful and u must know how to enjoy it.


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