Parag's Party

It all began after i posted the party's mail to everyone on friday. Parag may hv cursed me that why me myself and murli is posting which he was supposed to post. But i waited for his mail upto 6.30 pm and then started drafting the mail after he havent picked up the phone. I called Parag at 11.00 pm (he may hv cursed me again... after all is this the time to call a recently married beautiful couple) He said we will decide abt the venue tomorrow after having a talk with all. Here came the next day. Parag started preparation. Me and Vivek decided some 3 venues : Jazz at Esquares, Garden Court or Ambrosia. Then couple of calls and lots of confusion. Then again some calls. Ultimately i told Parag to call Prashant as he always have some venue concerns, ask him and decide abt the venue and call everyone as everyone is saying it is Parag's party and why the hell is this bloody Murli conveying everything to everyone. Parag said calling all will be problem but then I convinced him. Then Parag maharaj havent called up upto 4.30 pm I called at his home and he was not there. Thankfully, Prashant revealed everyhting abt the venue. I started sms'ing (is this word correct! ) people abt the venue. There by the time Vivek also came to know abt the venue and timings and he also started floating sms's but his msg was not having the venue and time.
So the plan ultimately formed was :
Veneu - Hotel Riverside. and it can be called as one khopcha of Koregaon Park. I will pick mannu from Corporation. Avi will be obviously coming with his bet-ter half Priya. And Vivek decided to come in car with Abhijits ( Kawre and Choudhary ). Aarti denied to come as she was tired (after working upto 4 am in morning she went for the presentation at 10 am. Sorry boss i may have gien a shot and taken a full day boss. How can people manage all this things.) But vivek a.k.a "the guy with guts" convinced her. As usual me and Mannu reached the venue before time (though mannu came to Corporation 20 min before our decided time and I reached Corporation 20 mins after deicded time, still we managed to reach venue before time - Pulsar is a paisa vasool bike boss.) It was almost 7.15pm by now. Then as no one except some mischievous couples. (Hey Mannu do u remember those couples) came out from that bushes. We enjoyed the sight.
But after say 15 mins they also got some good idea and moved. So again leaving Me and Mannu outside hotel (with the darkness around becoming even darker) alone. We decided to take ride around Koregaon Park. We came back after half and hour.
Still no one in the hotel...
So we decided to have a seat and then i plotted the ravishing lady and our own hero, the couple of millenium-> Parag and Renu. Parag all equipped with his cam and Renu's Saree mindblowingly superb(I mean to say that apart from Renu her Saree is also superb).
After that everything happened is history. The guys or gals who were not there have missed a lot of things right from Vodka shots to some hilarious incidednts of mauritius naratted by Parag. Then one by one guest started coming. I think Prashant was the first person to come(after all this place was suggested by him), then Vivek, Abhijit both kaore and chaudhary, Aarti and then another couple Avi and entrancing Priya. The alluring chemistry between both the couples was tempting. So once and all all were set for the dinner. Starters started flowing in along with the boozing material. Some courageous ladies also decided to give a try for some new types of drinks. So that’s the way it went. Some tequila shots, Vodka, Beer started flowing like never before. Then comes the starters (please don’t ask the whole exact menu as there were so many items flowing in and as all know we care to eat and eat only). And then second round of booz flowed in. And then main course.
So that’s the way it went, The most important thing is that we all enjoyed it very much. Thank U Parag from the bottomest part of the bottom of …. What ?!?!? ofcourse Heart yaar.
Then we handed over the Parag’s Gift (in the form of cheque) and then as usual Tata Bye Bye. Areeeeeee wait we even spent some time a a Ice cream parlour where everyone praised after havingt Vivek ke pasan ki icecream. It was some fruit mix and specially tubbed in Mango. It was also fabulous. After that everyone started for home.
Parag and Renu Thank U very much. I m still waiting for the day when Renu will call all of us at home for dinner as 2nd Party (this is what she commited on that day).

P Murlidhar Naidu


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